Children’s music albums

NOW AVAILABLE from ADF-Bayard Musique / Pias-Harmonia Mundi

« Anthologie des comptines et chansons de France »
(« An anthology of French songs and nursery rhymes »)

An exceptional collection of French songs and nursery rhymes, mirroring the diversity of the country’s regions and sources of inspiration. With more than 150 songs accompanied by 15 musicians, this is a chance to get to know and share a timeless heritage. The 4 CD boxed set is ideal for everyone who likes to sing. And you can encourage others to join in using the instrumental versions at the end of each disc. The songs are perfectly adapted to the vocal range of children.


(ADF-Bayard Musique/ Pias-Harmonia Mundi)


« Une coccinelle sur mon violoncelle » :
19 original songs especially composed
for 3-8 years olds.

1540-1« Je suis un chat bleu » : A fable about being different, a musical story you can sing along with, ideal for those between 6 and 10 years.



« Luxembourg ! Automne-Hiver » et « Luxembourg ! Printemps-Eté », chansons du jardin :

Two albums on the theme of the garden. A musical stroll composed for 5-12 year olds, and for every one who is open to dreams. A collection of songs inspired by the Luxembourg Gardens in central Paris, superbly illustrated by Christine Davenier.

Every disc includes an illustrated booklet, lyrics and separate instrumental versions of each song